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Democracy, Plurality, Interoperability

Today a lot more people than usual will be wanting to watch the proceedings of the Home Affairs and the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committees.

The hearings will be taking place this afternoon in Portcullis House probably in a room not unlike the one here and as you can see the audience capacity will be about thirty people which today, looks like it could be a bit of a problem .

Don’t worry! You’ll be able to watch the proceedings on Parliament Live. Oh, wait a moment…

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Domesday, .doc and DRM

I’ve just listened to a radio programme about the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1065, discussing among other things, the economic conditions at the time. How did they know? The programme participants were using material from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles (written between 876 and 1174) and the Domesday Book, commissioned in 1085). Give or take, they were referencing material written 1000 years ago.

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ogc office open

OGC open standards survey: Does your country need you?

Don’t forget to join the dots

The Cabinet Office has published a survey inviting us all to offer our views across many pages of standards. And we’ve got until 20 May to do it.

Notice that it is a survey not a consultation. Consultations are a formal engagement process and naturally enough, there is official guidance. It is worth a read not least for the section when to consult and the phrase:

    Clearly, if there is no scope for consultees to influence the policy, a formal consultation exercise should not be launched.

So, what are we to make of the fact that this is a survey and not a consultation?

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UK Govt ICT Strategy – is that IT?

Few surprises, not much astonishment

Yesterday Cabinet Office published its much heralded ICT strategy. To their credit the document is availlable to download in ODF format it’s just a pity that they think it is application specific despite the UK Govt deputy CIO attending the recent UK ODF Plugfest where we heard presentations from all the other options.

What else?

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Institute for Government “System + Error”

Today, the Institute for Government published System+Error, a study setting out “the case for a new approach to IT in the public sector”. How does it stack up? Not least in the light of wider policy such as the plans to end ‘state monopoly’ in provision of public services

Overall our reaction is muted. The report is a call to action and it could better have been an opportunity to think laterally and focus on removing a few barriers, the real obstacles to innovation.

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