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Govt IT – A Recipe For Rip-Offs

Government and IT- “A Recipe For Rip-Offs”

Today, the Public Administration Select Committee published its findings from its Inquiry into Government IT.

The Inquiry was started in December 2010 so has the seven month wait been worthwhile?

Titled “A Recipe For Rip-Offs”(HTML) or (PDF) it’s certainly asking to be read. The OSC submitted three sets of evidence so we were keen to read it.

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Open To The Public

Open To The Public

Discussion meeting investigating open approaches to education and training in the public sector

30 June 2011, 17.30-21.00, London WC2 – Free to attend and open to all

OSC members Ian Lynch, Chief Assessor of INGOT and Derrin Kent, Managing Director of TDM Open Source Services are speaking at Open to the public. TDM along with our friends the BCS Open Source Software Group are organising this free event which will be held at the BCS headquarters in London.

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Operating System Bundling

Operating System Bundling – campaign to crowd source evidence

We are pleased to join the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure and the Association of French Speaking Free Software Users in their campaign to gather evidence of the difficulties encountered by consumers who want to purchase a PC with a non-Microsoft operating system or without any operating system at all.

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