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Project Canvas – Ofcom Complaint

Project Canvas – Ofcom Complaint

The BBC led consortium developing Project Canvas are looking to develop yet another walled garden. As such, the OSC believes this will have adverse consequences for the device and software sector, diminishing consumer choice and causing inevitable consumer harm.

We have asked Ofcom, the industry regulator, to look at the wider effects on the device and software market.

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Scottish Open Source Awards

Scottish Open Source Awards 2009

Salesagility, OSC member, is hosting the 2009 Scottish Open Source Awards

Nominations are now open.

As with previous years, this is a partnership with the Scottish Software Awards. This year, there will be an early-evening Awards party to celebrate the achievements of this year’s finalists. The party will be held on Friday, 20th November 2009, in the Forum Building at the Edinburgh School of Informatics.

Registration is free and closes on 20 November 2009

Updated 20 September 2009