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Open Source Search Cambridge 2009

OSC at Open Source Search, Cambridge

Flax are sponsoring Open Source Search Cambridge 2009, a free event on 29th September that offers a chance to hear informal presentations from users and developers of open source search systems.

A handful of places remain (at the time of writing) for any and all members of the open source search communities to register. Details of the event are here.

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FUSIS Partner Camp


Fusis have organised a Partner Camp – a day for VARs and clients – on 30th July 2009 and generously given the Open Source Consortium an opportunity to promote membership.

Ubuntu, Zimbra, op5, IBM and Novell will be there. It’s free to attend and it’s in Covent Garden.

Details are here.

Response on Project Canvas

BBC and IPTV: Project Canvas

The BBC Trust invited the Open Source Consortium to respond to their proposals on Project Canvas, a joint venture partnership to help enable the delivery of internet protocol television (IPTV).

Gerry Gavigan, the OSC’s chairman, has prepared and submitted that response. The BBC’s consultation paper does not address some of the most influential market-related and standards-related issues, which are specified and explained in the OSC’s response.

And the OSC recommends that Project Canvas’ specifications should be fully open, published and properly used by the project, so that anybody can provide solutions on any platform.

The OSC’s Project Canvas response in full [PDF]

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UK COI update

UK COI update

The UK’s COI (Central Office of Information) has issued Browser testing guideline TG117 [link (new page)] this January. It has been updated to substantially address the OSC’s issues with their previous direction during public consultation.

Their guideline is “for all website managers, web developers and web testers delivering public sector websites…” and includes the following statement: “The guidance on minimum technical standards highlights the importance of developing websites to standards to ensure browser accessibility.” The OSC welcomes this.

The OSC is specifically acknowledged in the new guidance.