A charitable organisation “gets it”

Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation providing a new web service for charitable organisations to manage fundraising campaigns and their online presence among donors.

They have recognised the consistency arising from software without licence fees and better meeting their not-for-profit objectives: “As a not-for-profit business, Virgin Money Giving can work with companies such as Jaspersoft to ensure that a much larger percentage of donations go to the important causes donors choose.”

Of course they also realise that FOSS also enables “innovative business models, including the one we’re rolling out to support charitable giving in a responsible way.

As I blogged in ‘Radio 4 “In Touch” and file formats’ it turns out there consequences for a charity’s client group arising from partnering with proprietary software companies. It’s nice to see that others realise that too, Congratulations to Virgin Money Giving and let’s hope we see more of this.

— Gerry Gavigan, OSC Chairman, 14 October 2009

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