Barcamp Oxford 2010

Barcamp Oxford 2010

The OSC’s Chairman, Gerry Gavigan, will be attending BarCamp Oxford 2010. The OSC are co-sponsors of this year’s barcamp, where “…all attendees [are] expected to participate in an active way”.


From the Barcamp website:

BarCamps are ultimately themed by the attendees: what they want to present, the BarCamp will host.

We’d love for this event to allow academic/hacker types to meet up with the vibrant and highly active geek community in Oxford, the county and beyond. Our intention is to make geek connections between projects in the academic and business sectors.

Whilst we do not intend to limit the kinds of topics you can discuss we are deliberately marketing the event to people with interests in one or more of the following:

 Open development techniques and practices
 Web 2.0 style data mashups
 Use of and engagement with the Apache Software Foundations projects

The OSC is expecting to engage with like-minded individuals, many from like-minded organisations. Some may become interested in joining the OSC.