BBC and Apple – an update

BBC and Apple – an update

Justice delayed…

On 2 March 2012 we approached the BBC expressing concern about undue product prominence amounting to advertising.

On 7 March we were advised that:

This was not an advertisement for the product, as the BBC doesn’t carry advertising.

On 8 March we pursued our complaint. In our original article we promised to update on our progress

On 5 April we did get an apology for the first reply though we were unhappy about the substantive response. So we appealed.

On 20 April we received a reply to our appeal

On 10 May it became clear that the internal content management system had hiccuped as we received another reply.

On 13 June, following a few more exchanges we pursued clarifications:

  • on the nature of the tests applied
  • the standards of proof required
  • the existence of precedents

prior to exercising the option of going to the BBC Trust.

On 19 June we received the reply. It turned out that either none of this information existed or that it could not be shared with the complainant, raising questions about transparency and accountability.

On 26 June we raised the matter with the BBC Trust.

On 9 July we were advised that the matter would be considered by the BBC Trust Editorial Standards Committee(ESC), but not until 6 September as it doesn’t meet in August. The decision would be ratified in October and then we would get the result. However we would receive the papers that would be put to the ESC during August.

On 20 August we enquired if the papers had been sent as we hadn’t received them. We received an apology by return:

Please accept my apologies for not keeping you updated regarding your appeal.

I am afraid that, due to a large amount of Committee business to be considered in September, your appeal will now be considered by the ESC at their October meeting.

So, if we are in luck, we will get a decision in November…