BBC Radio 4 “In Touch” again, alas

In Touch is a radio programme that covers a range of matters for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Back in September 2009 I blogged about the problems that file format (in)compatibilities were causing for e-books and so forth and that one listener even complained that they couldn’t use their Linux computer.

In Touch suggested they were going to “do” something on file formats, I must have missed that programme… they certainly didn’t respond to my offer of help.

This evening there was a deal of hand wringing that mobile manufacturers were not providing much in the way of accessibility apps – the reassuringly expensive iPhone aside.

I’d forgotten that RNIB describes itself as a strategic partner of Microsoft (original link no longer works) and RNIB provided e-readers are file format constrained…

So I mused, “Android, Meego, blind/partially sighted programming student, project, possibly Google SoC; sorted” but then of course I found this so, I don’t think there will be much official support for that form of DIY empowerment.

I’ve suggested the DIY approach to the BBC and I’m if this time they might reply…

— Gerry Gavigan, OSC Chairman, 22nd June 2010

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