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Elefteria Kokkinia
8th July 2020

Linux Format Magazine interview

Amanda Brock, OpenUK CEO interviewed for Linux Format Magazine  » Read more about: Linux Format Magazine interview  »

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Jamie Harper
6th July 2020

Osmii – Building a Pro Bono Exec Team for Open UK

Building and supporting communities is an integral pillar of Osmii With our latest website we dedicate an entire page to our efforts within Diversity and...

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Amanda Brock
4th July 2020

OpenUK Awards and Kids Competition Update

You may have noticed we have been busy recognising UK Leadership of Open Technology in the OpenUK Awards and building future leadership not only with...

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Christopher Eastham
25th June 2020

European Commission’s new Digital Services Act consultation

Change is afoot in Europe which has the potential to help or hinder the use of Open technologies. The European Commission has set out its...

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Amanda Brock
23rd June 2020

Announcing a special Awards Partnership with FINOS

“OpenUK 2020 FINOS Award” – Outstanding Contribution to Accelerating Open Source in Finance “We’re really excited to announce we are partnering with FINOS to be...

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Amanda Brock
17th June 2020

The Door is Open for our Awards

2020 is unlikely to be the year you expected. We have all been locked down – and worn down – with the events that have...

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Amanda Brock
22nd May 2020

Gnome settles Patent litigation: Amanda Brock, CEO OpenUK interviews Neil McGovern, ED of Gnome Foundation and Board Director at OpenUK

“Firstly, Congratulations Neil and very well done. This is probably the best possible result Gnome could have had right? “I believe so, yes. We have...

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Amanda Brock
14th May 2020

Open Innovation in the private sector

Businesses embracing the sharing of data are seeing tangible benefits for their organisations and across their entire sectors, more should follow suit, here’s why and...

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Steve Helvie
11th May 2020

Open Compute Conference goes online this week

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP), a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure, will hold...

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Mark Gibbs
7th May 2020

Why is data so important to your business?

Through the last decade we have been hearing the word DATA in almost every business conversation, meeting, lecture, and conference. We learn that people make...

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