OpenUK Week Committee

OpenUK Week will take place in October 2020. We are excited to share our events with you, a number of which will be announced over the next few weeks.

The highlight of this week will be the OpenUK Awards on 20th October. More details will be confirmed nearer the time.

If you would like to arrange, participate in or host an event, please contact OpenUK with your request.


Amanda Brock


CEO of OpenUK, Amanda is also the Chair of the Open Source and Intellectual Property...

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Committee members

Andy Bennett

Founder, Register Dynamics and BCS Open Source Software Group

Andy trained as an Electronic and Electrical Engineer and has a background in consumer electronics,...

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David Jobling

Director of Xyron

David is the Director of Xyron, supporting public sector organisations to develop, implement and maintain...

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Jonathan Riddell

KDE and Blue Systems

Jonathan has been bringing Linux to the desktop for 20 years, working for Canonical and...

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Ritwik Sarkar

Student and Open Source Rep, Edinburgh University

3rd year Computer Science with Management student working as the University’s Open Source Champion

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