Don’t bank on Windows

In case you needed to be told, the New South Wales Police were giving evidence at a public hearing on “cybercrime” last week.

The first rule, he said, was to never click on hyperlinks to the banking site and the second was to avoid Microsoft Windows.

In an earlier blog “delete Australia insert UK” I mused that the situation over there seemed remarkably similar to that here.

If that is universally true, then some size of the scale of the problem we face may be gleaned from his subsequent exchange with Australian MPs. In response to his suggestion that if one were using the internet for a commercial transaction one should “use a Linux boot up disk”, MPs were enthusiatic but clueless: “You may need to explain further for us,” said one MP, while another responded, “yes, we need to understand that”.

As a well known British MP put it: “education, education education”…

— Gerry Gavigan, OSC Chairman, 13 October 2009