Let us find a company for you

Why struggle to find a company with the right skills to deliver your open source requirements – let the Open Source Consortium do the work for you.

Let us know what you need – whether hardware, software, support, development, consultancy, project management or any other service around free and open source software.  We’ll put your request in front of over fifty UK businesses with open source skills.  We’ll then let you know which companies have expressed an interest and, depending on your preference, we can have them contact you or leave you to get in touch with them.

This is a free service offered by the OSC. All organisations from public, private and voluntary sectors are welcome to make use of it.  The OSC expects that anyone using this service is willing and able to pay appropriate commercial rates.  This service puts customers and providers in contact; it does not offer any guarantees to any parties involved. The OSC and the vast majority of our members are based in the United Kingdom.

Your details will be treated as confidential and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.