Membership information

Membership of OpenUK is made up of individuals and companies who support the Aims and Objectives of our organisation. Our membership directory can be found here.

We offer two classes of membership:

  • Ordinary member (annual subscription)
  • Associate (free of charge)

Ordinary member

Ordinary members have full participation with an annual membership fee.

OpenUK are offering the following Ordinary Member discounts through 2018 to reflect our stages of development:

  • February – April: 50%
  • May – June: 25%
  • July – September: 10%

The following types of Ordinary member apply:

Ordinary member – Individual – Apply here

  • Qualification: Applicant must be an individual person

Ordinary member – SME – Apply here

  • Qualification: Small & medium companies (OECD definition)

Ordinary member – Premier – Apply here

  • Qualification: Large companies
    • Also awarded to Ordinary members by member vote as a recognition of significant support of the organisation

Ordinary member – Public Sector – Apply here

  • Qualification: Public sector organisation

Prices and application

To get up to date prices and apply to join OpenUK as an Ordinary Member, visit the OpenUK Engage portal here.

Terms and conditions apply.


The membership secretary will notify members of renewal which are then managed through the Engage portal.

Associate member

Associate membership is free-of-charge.

We ask associate members to include a button on their website (where possible) to indicate their support. Please consider joining as an Ordinary Member to help us finance our activities.