The Benefits

By becoming an OpenUK member, you are making a statement that you are committed to openness; that the software and solutions you offer are based on excellence and customer service rather than attempting to rely upon technical barriers and lock-in to create dependencies. You are making a statement that you are confident in your business offer and business skills.

Benefits of membership

  1. Members are promoted by OpenUK, being listed in our online directory
  2. Inbound enquiries are shared with members
  3. Member events and activities are promoted via OpenUK social media
  4. OpenUK lobbies the UK Government, the EU and political parties and other public bodies on behalf of members
  5. Members can support shared promotional activities and publications
  6. OpenUK campaigns and promotes issues which are important to members
  7. OpenUK acts as a networking group for members with meetings and networking events and an online community
  8. OpenUK builds links with many organisations, of which members may be able to take advantage
  9. All members have the opportunity to participate in working groups.
  10. Ordinary members may stand for election for the Council
  11. Members may use the OpenUK member buttons in any manner consistent with the aims and objectives of OpenUK including using their membership to promote their own businesses (e.g. business cards, website).