NHS Information Revolution?

An NHS Information Revolution?

In October 2010 the Department of Health published a consultation An Information Revolution looking to change the way information is handled in the NHS.

Our complete response is available here

We appreciate that the consultation audience is focused on the health professional and the user of health services, but the outcomes are only going to be achieved in concert with informatics professionals and there were few pointers as to how this revolution would be achieved.

We took the opportunity to examine the NHS interoperability tool-kit but found it lacked a statement of guiding principles.

Unfortunately we were unable to use their response form as it was heavily formatted and macro-enabled despite originating in IS 29500. The features and used from the originating application means that it became difficult to impossible to use the form.

Openness and interoperability is not what you say but what you do.

Thank you to Malcolm Newbury of Guildfoss for pointing us to the consultation. We have responded

Gerry Gavigan – 11 January 2011