Open Source at CloudExpoEurope 2015

CloudExpoEurope took place over a two day period, from the 11th to the 12th of March at ExCel, London. It is the largest cloud event in the world, demonstrating the most current and innovative cloud technology solutions

redhat-cloudexpo-standIt was clear to see how technology, particularly open source technology has evolved, not only in the technology itself but also in the was this is presented. These cloud technology revolutions are not being kept in the dark any longer. Instead they are being openly celebrated.

One of the big names exhibiting at the event was RedHat. A compact stand, RedHat had stripped away all of the unnecessarys that may have detracted from their brand, adding strength to their exhibit through a crisp, bright presentation. In addition to the popular and most well established Linux distributions, RedHat provide cloud infrastructure,  cloudforms,  Openstack platforms and more.

Greatly differing in their exhibit was Suse who used a jungle theme to compliment and enhance their memorable lizard logo. Their presentation successfullsuse-cloudexpo-standy balanced creativity and colour while maintaining a high level of professionalism. In addition to their Linux distribution, their offerings include Openstack private cloud and public cloud solutions as well as consulting services and support.

OW2 were represented at the event. Not only does this organisation deal with infrastructApphub-cloudexpo-bannerure software, but is also actively involved in the open source community, launching AppHub in January 2015, providing a neutral channel and support base for those involved in open source.

Also at CloudExpoEurope was
Edge-core, providers of network solutions. Edge-core also use the SMC brand- one of the industry pioneers with over 40 years of experience.
Cloudweavers, who have introduced their instant cloud, a self managed and private cloud which does not require any installation, is hardware independent and easy to set up.

A recurrent theme throughout the event was the modernisation of the image of open source cloud technology. A vast contrast to many ill-informed stereotypes about technology solutions, the open source exhibits were dynamiedgecore-stand-cloudexpoc, vibrant and current, delivering their information in a clear and approachable manner.