Open Source Hardware Camp 2011

Open Source Hardware Workshop

Thursday 27 October 2011, 09.30-18.00, London WC1

Inaugural Open Source Hardware Camp for a hands-on day of three parallel workshops, with short plenary sessions in the morning and afternoon:

  • Practical 3D Printing
  • Building the Internet of Things
  • Collaboration in OSHW

A low cost event organised by by our friends the Open Source Hardware Group.

Three workshops:

  • Practical 3D Printing
    • An overview of the RepRap 3D printer followed by parallel sessions:
    • newcomers, an introduction to Google Sketchup for drawing 3D parts, rendering the designs to STL files and configuring STL files for printing using SkeinForge.
    • those with more experience, a practical session with OpenSCAD
  • Building the Internet of Things with Nanode and Pachube
    • An introduction to Nanode, the low cost open source Arduino-like board with built in web connectivity, and Pachube, the web-based service “built to manage the World’s real-time data”. Following which the workshop will split into two groups and build a real world IoT application for the Centre for Creative Collaboration. With one group focusing on Nanode development and the other using Pachube to develop the online part of the application.
  • Collaboration in Open Source Hardware
    • An introduction to Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and some of the currently available options for licensing, collaboration and project publishing.

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