Open Standards, FRAND, and FOSS

Open Standards, FRAND, and FOSS

Thursday 29 March 2012, London

Cabinet Office is consulting on Open Standards until 3 May 2012. Our friends the BCS Open Source Software Group are staging an open discussion meeting which aims to unravel the relationship between Open Standards, FRAND, and FOSS. The event will clarify what effect this relationship has for the practical application of Open Source Software.

The outputs from the event will be fed into the BCS policy hub to form part of the BCS response.

29 March 2012, 18.00-21.00, London WC2 – Free to attend and open to all

Gerry Gavigan, OSC chair is presenting at this free event hosted at the BCS headquarters in London.

We’ve already commented on the consultation and will be submitting a formal response. However the BCS OSSG meeting will chew over a number of issues.

A subsection of question 1 asks:

How could adopting (Fair) Reasonable and Non Discriminatory ((F)RAND) standards deliver a level playing field for open source and proprietary software solution providers?

Gerry Gavigan will present theme and variations on the answer “not at all” and invite participant discussion.

His presentation will not focus solely on the technical aspects of standardization but will reference material published by HM Government indicating that the question has already been answered.