Open To The Public

Open To The Public

Discussion meeting investigating open approaches to education and training in the public sector

30 June 2011, 17.30-21.00, London WC2 – Free to attend and open to all

OSC members Ian Lynch, Chief Assessor of INGOT and Derrin Kent, Managing Director of TDM Open Source Services are speaking at Open to the public. TDM along with our friends the BCS Open Source Software Group are organising this free event which will be held at the BCS headquarters in London.

In the contexts of freedom of expression and democratic culture, and in the context of the UK Government ICT strategy, is it increasingly relevant for all public sector employees to investigate open source software and open data standards?

Many think it is – and that it is also increasingly important to collaboratively build Open Educational Resources and other Open Content Approaches.

This event brings together leading thinkers and practitioners from the world of open educational software in the UK. We will discuss a range of open approaches: not just the source code and data formats, but also open approaches to educational content production and resource sharing.

Certainly, as we wrote in a recent blog article Domesday, .doc and DRM if our educational knowledge is to be preserved, the public sector had better make sure we adopt sensible policies if it is not to repeat the mistakes of the BBC Domesday project.

Full programme and registration are available here.