oshug mtg Jan 2013

Open Source Hardware User Group Meeting

London, 21 February 2013, 6pm

This event is organised by our friends the Open Source Hardware Group

At their first meeting of 2013 there will be three topics:

  • Nanode after two years
  • Open Source Hardware Licensing Update
  • Developing Open Source Hardware

As Nanode Approaches Two

With the second anniversary of the Nanode project approaching and in excess of 2,500 sold worldwide, this talk looks at the initial aims, commercialisation and spin-offs as a typical open source hardware design. Exploring the concept, start-up phase and challenge of maintaining momentum in a constantly evolving open source marketplace.

Open Source Hardware Licensing Update

CERN’s Open Hardware Licence has been undergoing a lot of work behind the scenes, and a new version is about to be released. There are rumours of a new version of the TAPR Open Hardware Licence. Meanwhile the debate between copyleft and academic licences rages on.

Developing Open Source Hardware: an Industry Perspective

RS Components have developed a new platform for which the hardware design will be published under an open source licence. This talk will provide an overview of this exciting new development and provide an insight into the motivations for making the design freely available to all. The product development and manufacturing process will also be covered in brief along with some of the challenges experienced, and the broader project goals and ongoing commitment to the open source community.

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23 January 2013