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Membership of OpenUK is made up of individuals and companies who support the Aims and Objectives of our organisation. You can find out more about prices, membership agreement and benefits of membership here.

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Membership information

By becoming an OpenUK member, you are making a statement that you are committed to supporting Open standards, software, hardware and data development in the UK.

OpenUK represents creators, managers and users of Open technology across the UK. We provide a collaborative voice – within the UK and internationally – to the private and public sector and work with Open communities, standards bodies, legislators and other global industry groups.

Individual membership

Qualification: Applicant must be an individual person

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Corporate membership

Qualification: Larger non SME companies

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Corporate membership – SME

Qualification: Small & medium companies (OECD definition
SME discount applies

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Corporate membership – Public sector / academic

Qualification: Public sector organisations, academic institutions, NGO’s and open community projects

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Prices and application

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OpenUK Engage portal Terms & conditions

Doing business with our members

As a trade organisation, OpenUK represents IT companies providing services and solutions around free and open source software (FOSS).

We can offer a service to those interested in finding out more about the benefits available from solutions based on FOSS: From time to time organisations approach OpenUK with requirements; our role is to provide advice and invite members to contact them with suggestions for solutions. We continue to explore ways of expanding and promoting this activity.

Benefits of membership

  1. Event attendance and participation – free or discounted prices for Members.
  2. Influence the future of open technologies in the UK – OpenUK lobbies the UK Government, the EU and political parties and other public bodies on behalf of members.
  3. Promote your Open skills and services through OpenUK.
  4. Participate in OpenUK social media and be on the inside track of latest trends and issues.
  5. Networking.
  6. Opportunity to participate in working groups.
  7. Stand for election for the OpenUK Member Council.
  8. Member discounts for services such as legal and insurance.
  9. Share in the development of open approaches in the UK.
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