Patent pool attacks – you could have read it here first

Has American Needle stitched up MEG-LA?

In June 2010 I mused whether a legal ruling about hats had any ramifications for patent pool attacks. Specifically I suggested that it might have read across to WebM in the light of much sabre rattling

Nine months later what do we find?

The Register is reporting that the DoJ has launched a formal antitrust probe into whether MPEG-LA or its members are trying to stunt the growth of VP8 by creating legal uncertainty around the open source technology.

In the original case the US Supremes handed down a ruling that collaborative exclusionary action by competing bodies could infringe the Sherman Act. (Competition Law) and now there’s this.

In a more recent blog post I suggested that victory for a Portsmouth pub landlady was a further blow against attempts to undermine software interoperability through IP restrictions. My only regret is that an OSC press release “Premier League Own Goal Opens Up Field For Open Source Software” fell on stony ground

Thanks have to go to the IPKat for reporting the IP legal stuff

— Gerry Gavigan, Chair, 4 March 2011

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