Radio 4 “In Touch” and file formats

In Touch is a radio programme that covers a range of matters for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Tonight the issue of file format (in)compatibilities cropped up for e-books and so forth. One listener even complained that they couldn’t use their Linux computer.

Another complained about their RNIB provided reader and its file format limitations. Which is interesting because RNIB describes itself as a strategic partner of Microsoft, there you go, apparently there are consequences.

The listener comments bolster my opinion that the permafrost is beginning to thaw (see blog entry “Pigs are flying”) and there is a slow but growing awareness that there are more choices than either Microsoft or Apple.

The programme is going to run something on the issue of file formats and I’ve volunteered to contribute, who knows. Anyway If I hear, so will you…

— Gerry Gavigan, OSC Chairman, 1st September 2009

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