Real Engineers would only use open source software

Real Engineers would only use Open Source Software

Monday 3 September 2012, 7.30pm, IET Teddington

IET Teddington local group has kindly invited Gerry Gavigan to present at a local meeting in their usual venue The Adelaide.

Economists talk the talk but if Engineers don’t walk the walk they’re just tinkering.

Problem solving is about optimal allocation of constrained resources. If all resources were unlimited and free to obtain, everyone could have everything and choices would not have to be made. Real engineers solve the problem of maximising the number of choices available for most people.

This talk will explain why the software used in any solution must be open source.

Free to attend, registration will be accessible from here.

Software has a curious history; in theory and often in practice it is a major tool for solving real engineering problems. Too often however, it has been designed to disable what economists call the network effect, and has been used as a barrier to minimising the cost function.

Open source is the only software engineering approach that overcomes these obstacles. It’s not about the technology nor the brand, it’s about the politics and the economics. And the topic is important.

The presentation will draw on materials from our study on the inextricably linked topic of royalty free open standards which you can download from here (65 pages, pdf, approx 1.8MByte).

There will be a few bound hard copies of the report available, free as in beer, on the night.