Ripple Foundation team receive Public Sector and Third Sector Open Source award

The Ripple Foundation team are thrilled to receive the Public Sector and Third Sector award for the UK Open Source Awards – thank you to all who nominated us and the judges for recognising our important work in what was a competitive category.

It was an excellent day in Edinburgh where we met like minded individuals across many sectors with an enlightening presentation by Allison Randal and other great speakers.

It’s fair to say, open source in healthcare is in its infancy and we are proud to be pioneers along with organisations like the Apperta Foundation and openEHR Foundation to name but a few. We are working hard to educate and inform health and care colleagues that open source should be considered but it’s a long journey.

Changing behaviour and views within this sector takes time and patience but we are gritting our teeth and sticking to our vision. We are struggling with sustainability because people confuse “open” with “free”. Ripple Foundation is building a community where we can work collaboratively and effectively but again it feels slow and arduous.

Healthcare has a reputation for being cash strapped, and healthcare IT specifically is not fit for purpose, with a real vendor lock-in problem – so throwing good money at bad. Open source we feel has a pivotal role to play in transforming the sector, towards Software as a Service and a more agile way of working, to meet the ever changing health needs.

Along with colleagues in allied organisations such, we’ve been pushing for a 1% open platform investment fund from the public health tech spend across the UK and Ireland for some time now. The time has come for the state to acknowledge the key role of open source as an enabler for innovation and improvement in public and health care services and we believe the timing for this small #1percentfund step to shift the market is long overdue.

Whilst our mission continues we would love to hear from anyone who can help support our work including our showcase stack projects of PulseTile, QEWD and EtherCIS, or indeed are interested to understand our journey more. Please do get in touch – we are “supporting the adoption of an open platform for health and care.”

Phil Barrett
Director – Ripple Foundation C.I.C