While we wait (cont p.94) the French Govt gets on with it

With thanks to Bristol Wireless we find yet another government other than the UK Government is failing to find reasons not to use open source software (oss).

It would seem that the French government is stimulating competition (sic) and apparently without any concerns about “how easily oss could be hacked” (perhaps because they agree with the US Govt regarding OS security but use the one of the better agile techniques…

They didn’t even issue a procurement toolkit they just used JFDI and issued a tender covering support for…

  • Debian and CentOS operating systems and associated basic software (virtualisation tools);
  • Web and application servers – Apache, Tomcat, JonAS, CMS;
  • Development languages and frameworks – Java, PHP, XML, Perl, Eclipse, Struts;
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL databases;
  • OpenOffice office suite;
  • Network monitoring and operating tools – Ethereal, Jmeter, Nagios;
  • Security tools – Tripwire, OpenSSL;
  • Directory and messenging services – OpenLDAP, Sendmail;
  • Knowledge management portals – Nuxeo, Ezpublish, Alfresco;
  • Search and indexing – Lucene, Zettair

for around two thirds of their Ministries.

However, not for us to worry because the Cabinet Office is holding an event where we can get to hear more about their prevarications over what is an open standard and what to do about it all.


— Gerry Gavigan, Chair, 17 November 2011

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