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Proposed APPG in Open Tech

Proposing an Open Tech APPG

OpenUK is pleased to announce the launch of its work seeking to build an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Open Technology (OT), as the current mode by which Parliamentarians are educated and recognising the need to bring open tech expert voices to our new government. Open technology reflects the breadth of the commons and openness – open source software, open hardware and open data (of course includes Open Standards); and will consider all levels of openness and their meaning.

This group is intended to convene the relative communities from the UK and globally to advise Parliamentarians.

The proposed APPG is in set-up process, and subject to the approval of Parliament. All interested parties are welcome to contact us to engage.

What would the Open Tech APPG do?

An Open Tech All Party Parliamentary Group would seek to provide a forum for parliamentarians, regulators, Government and industry to discuss the role of open technology in the UK and its economy. It would cover the opportunities for the UK from open tech and the potential for global collaboration.

How would OpenUK do this?

OpenUK would provide the Secretariat for an APPG, assuming this is approved and remains the format in which our politicians are educated. We seek to convene industry, academia and technologists with deep expertise in these subjects to discuss the topics of the day and grand challenges  to build understanding. OpenUK is intentionally not a pay to play organisation and will enable broad participation in any APPG or alternatively structured organisation. 

An AGM and inaugural meeting will be held in the autumn, subject to approval of Parliament.

Why is OpenUK seeking to build this?

Open technology is critical to the future of tech and to the UK’s success in this. The UK is a leader in the global open source software community, with companies and contributors across the country involved in some of the biggest and most important open source projects worldwide. These contributions directly and indirectly lead to value for individuals, private companies, communities, public sector organisations and Government.

We seek to bring deeper understanding of the nuance and challenges faced by open tech to our parliamentarians.

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