Legal and Policy Committee


To develop and sustain UK leadership in legal matters and policy in Open technology


  • Open technology is the norm across UK public services, businesses and individuals.
  • The UK is recognised as the leader in education and skills training in Open technology.
  • Open technology forms the basis of the UK’s thriving knowledge economy.


  • To enable the UK’s leadership in Open Technology by influencing the development of suitable law, policy and practice.
  • To represent and bring together legal and policy leaders in Open Technology in the UK while building a body of expertise and experience in legal and policy matters.
  • To promote understanding of legal and policy matters relating to Open Technology across individuals, enterprise, and the public sector through education and the provision of tools and resources to enable the adoption of Open Technology.



  • Joint Report with OSOR on state of Open Source in UK
  • Amicus Brief Google v Oracle
  • FOSS4SME and letter to MP’s
  • Junior Lawyers Committee – review of Public Sector and Procurement Contracts and Processes
  • International Treaties
  • Response to new Legislation
  • Tools and Education
  • Joint Events with Society of Computers and Law
  • Climate Change Policy
  • DITO (Develop in the open healthcare project) input

Christopher Eastham - Chair

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Richard Archer - Member

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Sami Atabani - Member

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Amanda Brock - Member

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Toby Crick - Member

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James Lovegrove - Member

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Iain Mitchell, QC - Member

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Professor Ian Walden - Member

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Ben Travers - Member

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Anne Todd - Member

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Andrew Katz - General Counsel

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Future Leaders

Robert Grannells - Co-Chair

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Katy Gibson - Co-Chair

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Michael Thonger - Member

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Ben Hughes - Member

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Adam Coughlin - Member

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Max Harris - Member

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Ashleigh Monagle - Member

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European Commission OSOR UK Report

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Blogs of interest

Amanda Brock
28th July 2020

OpenUK collaborates with European Commission Observatory’s report enriching content covering UK open source

EU’s Open Source Software Country Intelligence Report produced by OSOR covers attitudes to open source across continent, and highlights UK opportunities for open technology London...

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Henry Nash
23rd July 2020

Designing Tech to defeat Coercive Behaviour and Domestic Abuse

The combination of the app-economy and cheap cloud resources has led to a transformation in the technology tools we have to manage our lives. We...

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Amanda Brock
22nd May 2020

Gnome settles Patent litigation: Amanda Brock, CEO OpenUK interviews Neil McGovern, ED of Gnome Foundation and Board Director at OpenUK

“Firstly, Congratulations Neil and very well done. This is probably the best possible result Gnome could have had right? “I believe so, yes. We have...

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Van Lindberg
20th January 2020

OpenUK Amicus Brief in Google v Oracle copyright law suit

Open Source Attorney, Van Lindberg discusses the filing with the U.S. Supreme Court of an amicus brief including OpenUK. An amicus brief is  filed in...

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