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We are the UK not for profit organisation committed to develop and sustain UK leadership in Open Technology, being the 3 Opens open source software, open source hardware and open data, across the UK.

OpenUK promotes businesses, projects and people, who use Open, and strives to collaborate across all existing organisations for Open through our 3 Pillars:

  • Community: creating a clear and loud voice for the Open Communities in the UK;
  • Legal and Policy: making the UK a great place for Open and business using it; and
  • Learning: by promoting education and learning in skills in Open Technology.

Within our Community activities our First Awards will be held on 20 October. We received 84 nominations celebrating UK leadership in Open Technology and 6 winners will be chosen by our Judging panel at the Awards.

The First Edition of our Kids’ Competition promoting Learning is taking place through September. We hosted the first OpenUK Kids Summer Camp through August  -10 lesson course and e-zine using the MiniMU glove accompanied with a 3000 special edition glove kits. The content is available ongoing creative commons. The OpenUK Kids Camp is a Phase one winner in the Gnome Community Engagement Challenge. This is focused on digital skills and learning about open source as you can see:

Do you participate in an Open community or business?

Our participants are specialists in open source software, open hardware and open data or those who want to learn more. They benefit from our organisational infrastructure to meet, learn and pursue collaborative projects.

We are organised under the 3 Pillars, Community, Legal and Policy and Learning with various committee and work group activities within those.  We welcome participation. Participation in any OpenUK committee, activity or event is open to all but subject to our Participants’ Code of Respect and the OpenUK Competition Policy. By participating you agree to comply with these.

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Looking to participate?

If you are interested in participating by joining any of our committees or activities or want to learn more, please contact OpenUK or come along to one of our inclusive and welcoming events.

Our events are recorded and where possible streamed.

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Jamie Harper
6th July 2020

Osmii – Building a Pro Bono Exec Team for Open UK

Building and supporting communities is an integral pillar of Osmii With our latest website we dedicate an entire page to our efforts within Diversity and...

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Amanda Brock
4th July 2020

OpenUK Awards and Kids Competition Update

You may have noticed we have been busy recognising UK Leadership of Open Technology in the OpenUK Awards and building future leadership not only with...

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Christopher Eastham
25th June 2020

European Commission’s new Digital Services Act consultation

Change is afoot in Europe which has the potential to help or hinder the use of Open technologies. The European Commission has set out its...

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Amanda Brock
23rd June 2020

Announcing a special Awards Partnership with FINOS

“OpenUK 2020 FINOS Award” – Outstanding Contribution to Accelerating Open Source in Finance “We’re really excited to announce we are partnering with FINOS to be...

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Amanda Brock
22nd May 2020

Gnome settles Patent litigation: Amanda Brock, CEO OpenUK interviews Neil McGovern, ED of Gnome Foundation and Board Director at OpenUK

“Firstly, Congratulations Neil and very well done. This is probably the best possible result Gnome could have had right? “I believe so, yes. We have...

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Amanda Brock
7th May 2020

An updated OpenUK Kids Competition for 2020

OpenUK, the advocate organisation for Open Technology (open source software, open hardware and open data) in the UK, has revamped its Kids Competition due to...

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Sonia Cooper
30th April 2020

Driving better outcomes with an open approach to data, Sonia Cooper, Microsoft

Microsoft’s mission to empower every organization on the planet to achieve more, aims to put the tools for building and using AI into the hands...

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Van Lindberg
20th January 2020

OpenUK Amicus Brief in Google v Oracle copyright law suit

Open Source Attorney, Van Lindberg discusses the filing with the U.S. Supreme Court of an amicus brief including OpenUK. An amicus brief is  filed in...

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Victoria Betton
14th April 2020

Mindwave, how one open-source company built a successful business in the NHS?

The NHS states that open-source is a core strategy for creating better technology, which directly leads to better outcomes in the NHS and social care...

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Amanda Brock
23rd September 2019

Ethical Open Source Licence dilemma Andrew Katz, Pro Bono GC OpenUK

Coraline Ada Ehmke (where.coraline.codes) has just stirred up a minor hornets’ nest in the world of Free and Open Source Software by re leasing a...

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Ashleigh Monagle
21st February 2020

Open Data in the age of PropTech – who is in control?

As real estate’s interest in venture capital investments grows, you may have heard that PropTech is the new (albeit smaller) cousin of FinTech. PropTech, defined...

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Amanda Brock
20th March 2020

Bishop’s Stortford College’s Amy tells us about winning “AWS GetIT”

As kids head home from a last day of school in uncertain times, we are pleased to hear from Amy of Bishop’s Stortford College. As...

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