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Welcome to OpenUK’s Kids Camps

Digital Camp 2 will be shared later this year. Thanks to the sponsorship of Red Hat.

OpenUK Kids Camp is the GNOME Community Challenge 2020, Runner up

Each Camp is made of  10 Episodes, each a fun animated lesson and accompanying ezine.


All content is freely available to download, learn from and enjoy. Camp 2 includes a second Glove Kit Giveaway of 3,000 digital gloves, inspired by MiMu, thanks to the sponsorship of Nominet, and The Open Data Institute.

Registration will take place later this autumn.

The First camp took place 10-31 August 2020 and is also available to download and take part in. Camp 2 can be taken independently or following Camp 1.

OpenUK will be giving away a further 3,000 gloves in 2021, as with 2020, thanks this year to the sponsorship of Nominet and the Open Data Institute.

Follow the OpenUK Digital Kids Camp on social media: #openukcamp and share your pictures!

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The second OpenUK Kids Digital Camp will take this autumn and builds on from Camp 1 which was first shared in August 2020.

Camp 1 is an introduction to digital skills and open source software, matched to Key Stage 3 while Camp 2 has open source software at its heart, focusing on each of the 10 points of the Open Source Definition, one point per episode, introduces the Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance to technology whilst further developing skills matched to Key Stage 3.

All content is available to be used on an ongoing basis, under a freely downloadable creative commons licence and can be accessed via this web page.

The camp and course are free to use but you will require a MiniMU glove and micro:bit to take part.

Camp 1 is below.

OpenUK is happy to answer you questions and you can contact us at

Camp 1 Episode 1
Click image below to see Lesson 1 Ezine
Camp 1 Episode 2
Click image below to see Lesson 2 Ezine
Camp 1 Episode 3
Click image below to see Lesson 3 Ezine
Camp 1 Episode 4
Camp 1 Episode 5 
Camp 1 Episode 6
Camp 1 – Episode 7
Camp 1 Episode 8 
Camp 1 Episode 9 

Camp 1 Episode 10

See Lesson 10 video
See the Episode 10 poster below (click to enlarge)

The OpenUK Digital Camps

10 fun animated lessons and accompanying e-zines

teaching digital skills and open source software

Our Open Kids Camp is free to participate in but requires a MinMu glove kit or equivalent.

The course content is targeted for both Camps is matched to UK High School Key Stage 3 and equivalent but is open to all to enjoy and share in learning about open source software.

Camp 1 Episode 1, is narrated by our friend and Glove inspiration, Imogen Heap.


Thanks to MiMU for inspiring the Sustainable OpenUK Glove

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