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Open UK’s Board is made up of the following people, appointed for 2020 for a two year instead of one year term due to Covid. The organisation will move to an elected Board by end of next year. Board minutes and decisions will be public through our NextCloud.


Amanda Brock


CEO of OpenUK, Amanda is also the Chair of the Open Source and Intellectual Property...

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Board Members

Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster is Director of Open Source Community Strategy at VMware. She has over 20...

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Ian Burgess

With over 20 years in consulting Ian’s initial exposure to opensource software came when working...

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John Laban

Last decade as Data Centre Architect and mentor working from microscale to hyperscale facilities both...

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Laura James

Dr Laura James is CTO at OPEN (the Online Progressive Engagement Network), and entrepreneur in...

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Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis is Senior Director of Community at D2iQ. Matt has spent most of the...

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Neil McGovern

Neil McGovern has been involved with open source software for over 20 years, both personally...

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Phil Weir

Phil Weir runs Flax & Teal, an open-focused web and data science consultancy in Belfast,...

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Rob Taylor

Rob is a globally recognised business leader with a deep background in Open Source software....

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Stuart Mackintosh

Based in Rugby, Stuart has been working with free and open source software since the...

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Terence Eden

Terence Eden is a technology expert with a focus on open standards. He is an...

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Jeni Tennison

Board Adviser

Jeni Tennison is the CEO of the Open Data Institute, which has a mission to...

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Board Facilitator

Steve Bianchi

Chief People Officer, Beamery

Steve serves as Chief People Officer at Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System provider. His...

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Pro Bono Counsel

Iain G. Mitchell QC

Chairman, Scottish Society of Computers & Law, QC, Pro Bono Counsel for OpenUK

Iain graduated from Edinburgh University in 1973 and was called to the Scottish Bar in...

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