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Develop and sustain UK leadership in learning and education in Open technology.


  • Open technology is the norm across UK public services, businesses and individuals.
  • The UK is recognised as the leader in education and skills training in Open technology.
  • Open technology forms the basis of the UK’s thriving knowledge economy.


  • Creating educational qualifications to promote Open Technology.
  • Developing and supporting education in Open Technology by the promotion of learning and education for school age children.
  • Developing and supporting education in Open Technology for all other individuals, to facilitate the UK’s Leadership in Open Technology.


  • OpenUK Kids Camp – re-run First Edition June 2021, Second Edition July-August 2021
  • OpenUK Kids Competition September 2021 and prize giving 11 November 2021
  • Creation of a GCSE and Scottish O-Grade in Open Technology to launch in 2022
  • Creation of a Certified Apprenticeship Scheme Knowledge Module with a view to launch in 2022
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Kids Competition


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Apprenticeship Scheme

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