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Fellows Network

What is the OpenUK Fellowship Network?

  • Group of multi-disciplinary academics currently pursuing Masters level and above at a UK or international institution (see footnote 1)
  • Initial one-year commitment from September 2024
  • Group of multi-disciplinary academics
  • Monthly group virtual call
  • Event participation including Thought Leadership Day and State of Open Con 25


  • Increase research into key areas of the commons and open source
  • Building a body of  academic content in the commons and open source
  • Build additional research in Openness and AI
  • Developing thematic content – published on a regular basis, leading experts in the field in key conversations across disciplines
  • Dynamic nature of the – different forms of content on a more regular basis

Benefits to the Fellows:

  • Access to experts in OpenUK Advisory Boards and Network
  • Option to attend OpenUK Advisory Board Townhall in person or digitally on 22 October
  • Collaborative Initiative
  • Cross-pollination of ideas
  • Engagement at the intersection of  business, technology and academia
  • Interdisciplinary approach to outputs
  • Network
  • Profile enhancement
  • Free attendance at State of Open Con 25

Who can apply to be a part of the OpenUK Fellows Network?

  • Applicants must be pursuing a MA/MSc or a PhD at an accredited institution in the UK or internationally in the academic year 2024/2025
  • Open to candidates pursuing degrees in specific fields relevant to the goals of OpenUK or internationally as detailed above.  *Preference may be given to research topics aligned with the fellowship’s mission or focus areas.
  • Applicants must submit a personal statement detailing the objectives, methodology, and potential impact of their current research, interest in OpenUK’s main objectives and the ways in which they believe their interests will contribute to OpenUK  
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references who can attest to the candidate’s qualifications, research potential, and character.

The Fellowship network is open to students of the following disciplines:

  • AI
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Public Policy
  • Social science

Possible Year-one topics for research and ongoing collaborative discussion:

  • Building and scaling businesses in the commons and open-source
  • Contribution to the commons and open source
  • Governance of the commons and open source
  • Regulation of the commons and open source
  • Securing the commons and open source
  • Value of the commons and open source

How to apply to be part of OpenUK’s inaugural Fellows Network

  • You should complete this form and indicate your proposed area of research by midnight 15th September 2024. 
  • Email any supporting materials to with the subject being Fellows Network: Name: Supporting Material
  • Up to 10 fellows will be selected who are based the UK and up to 2 international and will be notified if successful in early October. 
  • The initial Fellows Network will be appointed for a one year period which may be subject to extension. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by Dr Jennifer Barth, Dr Rebecca Rumbul, Dr Rebecca Taylor and Amanda Brock.  Their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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