About us

OpenUK is the UK open source industry association representing the open source business community across the UK.

As an industry association, OpenUK gives its members greater influence than they could achieve alone by providing a collective voice, and by supporting initiatives such as the implementation of open standards in public sector IT, the inclusion of open standards in school curricula supporting of the levelling of the gender balance in the industry.

At the core of its vision, OpenUK aims to encourage open source and standards adopted in all aspects of public and commercial life and to develop an environment where open source software is readily adopted.

To this end OpenUK acts to promote the unique advantages of free and open source software through communications and events, and lobbies for change in the face of policy which disadvantages member SMEs versus larger, non-open source software vendors in commercial situations. OpenUK is open to working with other national and international organisations with compatible aims and objectives.

OpenUK also represents a body of expertise and experience in its members, all of whom advocate and support its values, many of whom offer specialised services in this field through their businesses. We provide a free co-ordinating service for anyone seeking solutions based on free and open source software and provide information on UK free & open source suppliers.

Members can use OpenUK as an arena for collaborating in tendering for and participating in commercial contracts.

OpenUK is registered in England and Wales as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Company registration number: 11209475


  • Registered at Companies House, Cardiff, on 16th February 2018.
  • Established in 2004 as the Open Source Consortium (OSC), the organisation was set up to support SME’s working together to secure Public Sector contracts.