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Vision, Mission & Purpose, 2023 Re-Fresh

Updated in OpenUK’s Board Strategy Meeting on 4 July, 2023

OpenUK is the organisation for Open Technology

open source software, open hardware and open data, using open standards for the UK.

OpenUK’s Purpose is to

Develop UK leadership and Global Collaboration in Open Technology”:

  • Empowering the Open Technology community in the UK with a cohesive voice;
  • Creating a legal and policy environment for Open Technology to thrive in the UK; and
  • Championing learning, education and skills in Open Technology in the UK.

OpenUK’s Vision is that:

  • The UK is a global leader in Open Technology;
  • Curated Open Technology is the norm across UK public services, businesses and individuals; and
  • Open Technology forms the basis of the UK’s thriving digital economy.


OpenUK’s Mission is to:

  • Convene the UK’s Open Technology community to harness its power;
  • Lead and advocate for the use and development of Open Technology; and
  • Encourage education and skills for all in Open Technology.


Our Participants are made up of experts and leaders in the field of Open Technology. They participate by being a part of our pro bono leadership team: Board, Leadership Team Ambassadors, Apprentice Ambassadors or by being a member of one of our expert groups: Legal Group, AI Advisory Board, Policy Advisory Board, Security Advisory Board, Sustainability Advisory Board. Each has its own remit and we will see more of these groups being set up on an ongoing basis, including in Quantum and Space.

Participants are primarily UK based in line with our remit as a geographical organisation, but aligning to our Purpose of international collaboration we also work with individuals and organisations globally.

We are not a pay to play organisation and do not have Members, instead we are funded by Sponsors, Donations and Grants, along-side individual Supporter donations.

OpenUK is a member or affiliated to all significant Open Technology organisations and individuals are able to represent OpenUK on various committees and work groups at these organisations.



OpenUK is largely run by a volunteer community.

We are always looking for more skilled individuals.

Volunteer and participate!

Apply to be a volunteer

Visit OpenUK on Wikipedia

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