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Our 2023 OpenUK Awards celebrating UK leadership in Open Technology, open source software, open. hardware and open data, will launch around Easter 2023, when nominations will open. If you would like to hear more, please sign up to our newsletter.

The OpenUK Awards 2022, Third Edition

Thank you to all who nominated and congratulations to our 2022 Shortlist and Awards winners! This list of winners is made up of individuals and organisations from nine different categories covering all aspects of Open Technology.

Our nominees were honoured at a celebratory dinner for 100 of our community, on November 30th at the House of Lords. Thanks to our host Lord Maude for making this possible and to all of our sponsors. Our awards are free to enter and participate in. Unlike many awards there are no hidden costs or expensive tickets to attend.

They are a true celebration of the UK’s Open Technology community and inclusive of all.

2022 OpenUK Awards Winners

Software: Winner BBC Research & Development

Sustainability: Winner Szymon Duchniewicz

Data: Winner Libraries Hacked

Belonging: Winner The Turing Way

Young Person: Winner Jack Gilmore

Finance: Winner Waltz

Individual: Winner Anais Urlichs

Hardware: Winner LowRISC

Security: Winner Liz Rice

This year’s awards were judged by:





Awards 2021

Belonging • Endless Compute, Robert McQueen
Software • The Herald Proximity Project
Data • Open Knowledge Foundation
Sustainability • Icebreaker One
Hardware • DevTank HILTOP
Individual • Kevin Mayfield
Finance • Wise
Young person (under 25) • Samuel Van Stroud

Awards 2021, Second edition


Awards 2020

Young Person • Josh Lowe
Individual • Liz Rice
Financial Services and Fintech in Open Source • Parity
Open Data • National Library of Wales
Open Hardware • LowRISK
Open Source Software • HospitalRun

Awards 2020, First edition
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