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Become a Supporter of OpenUK

OpenUK is funded by individual Supporters and our Partners’ donations and sponsorships.

Supporters sign up to:

  • a rolling monthly membership, automatically renewed until cancelled
  • agreeing to OpenUK vision, Code of Respect and Competition Policy
  • Payments automatically collected monthly via Stripe
  • Sliding scale for membership fees based on individual choice
    • Suggested Supporter contribution £5 per month
    • Minimum Supporter contribution £3 per month
    • £10 per month

Supporters benefit from:

  • the right to vote in the Board Elections if subscribed for 6 consecutive months prior to the annual Board Elections, to begin in September 2021. Open UK has 12 directors, with a 2 year term, and will have staggered elections for half of the Board annually. This will be done via an online anonymous ballot, counted using Scottish STV
  • the right to stand for election as a Board Member if subscribed for 6 consecutive months prior to the month in which the annual Board Election nomination submission takes place
  • priority ticket booking and discounts
  • Supporter only events and opportunities
  • any mentoring scheme in place during their Subscription period

Individual Supporters may be paid directly by an individual or by their employer.

To subscribe as a supporter click here

It is not necessary to be a Supporter or to make a financial contribution to participate in OpenUK and its activities.



“Our goal is to keep it affordable enough that anyone can become a supporter,
but we’d love to see people contributing more if they can”
Rob McQueen, OpenUK Board


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