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2022 OpenUK Honours List

2022 OpenUK Honours List

OpenUK is pleased to share its New Year’s Honours List for 2022 celebrating the future generations of Open Technology in the UK

The 2022 #openukgennext #openukhonouree list is made up of individuals with broad ranging experience in Open Technology identified as being ones to watch in the UK!

They hail from all walks of Open Source Software, Open Hardware and Open Data. This is *the* list of those to watch for the future of Open Technology. All are earmarked as leading the next generation of Open Technology whether through social media, their jobs, community contributions, policy or in education.

The British Honours system is something very specific to the UK and a means of rewarding an individual for their achievement or service. Medals are used within this system to recognise an activity or long or valuable service.

Congratulations to all of those listed. Enjoy the recognition of our New Year’s Honour from your peers at OpenUK and we look forward to seeing all that you will achieve in Open Technology through 2022 and beyond.

#openukhonouree #openukgennext

Open Source Software

Adam Jones Manager, Cyber Security Deloitte
Adam Nygate Founder 418Sec
Alexandra Settle Engineering Manager, Software Defined Storage SUSE
Alison Dowdney Senior Developer Advocate Kasten by Veeam
Amol Meshram Open Source Architect London Stock Exchange
Anais Urlichs SRE Sivo
Andrei Cioaca Associate Director Cognizant
Andrei Gherzan Principal Open Source Architect Huawei
Andrew Harding Open Tech Lead NHSX
Anna Debenham Director of Product SNYK
Ashley Nicolson Head of Community Sales Agility
Avye Couloute Founder Girls into Coding
Axel Simon Security Team, Emerging Technologies, Office of the CTO Red Hat
Ben Ellerby Founder Aleios
Bianca Schobel Lead Scrum Master Eurostar
Bradley Kennedy Co-Founder Open Research Calendar
Calvin Hartwell Director of Field Engineering Canonical
Carlin MacKenzie Freelance Web Developer / Student The University of Edinburgh
Christine Mathiesen Software Development Engineer Expedia Group
Dan Callahan Engineering Manager Element
Daniel Martí Software Engineer Protocol Labs
Danny Abukalum Product Engineering Lead SoftIron
Daryl Cecile Software Dev Engineer Co-Founder Capital One
Dimple Dalby Engineering Manager Compare the Market
Dominik Picheta Production Engineer Facebook
Ed Shee Head of Developer Relations Seldon
Eddie Jaoude Founder EddieHub
Ekatarina Gerasimova Program Manager Element
Emily Stewart Global Account Director SUSE
Femi Owolade-Coombes Contributor and speaker Young Coders MeetUp
Florian Rival Founder GDevelop
Ilya Dmitrichenko Staff Software Engineer Docker
Ivy Alexander Senior Documentation Manager GitHub
James Geddes Chair of Board of Trustees Geek Zone
James Munelly Senior Field Engineer Apple
Jamie Tanna Senior Software Engineer The Cabinet Office
Jesse Portnoy Open Source Community Manager Kaltura
Joe Mcarthur Co-Founder OA.Works
Josh Lowe Founder Edublocks
Kara de la Marck Director Codebar
Kate Reznykova Engineering Manager Apple
Katie Gamanji Senior Kubernetes Field Engineer Apple and OpenUK Chief Future Founder
Kevin Lewis Lead Organiser You Got This Conferences
Lorenzo Sciandra Senior Software Engineer Microsoft
Lowena Hull Student Cambridge University and OpenUK Kids Camp Creative Director
Mark Harding CTO
Massi Mapani Engineer American Express
Matt Cowley Community Platform Manager DigitalOcean
Michael Shanks CEO / Co-Founder Budibase
Michelle Garrett Software Engineer Twitter
Misa Ogura Machine Learning Engineer Healx
Muhammad Rehan Saeed Senior Software Engineer Microsoft
Nadia Kiani Cuenca Student Essex Steamettes
Nelly Kiboi Engineer American Express/ CNCF
Nick Summerfield Developer NHS Leadership Academy
Olu Niyi-Awosusi JavaScript Developer OddBird
Oscar Vidal Data Engineering Lead Farfetch
Paul Ogbonoko Owoicho PhD Student, Data Science University of Glasgow
Pauline P Narvas Senior Community Engineer Gitpod
Philip Withnall Glib Maintainer Endless / GNOME
Richard Gall Writer & Researcher University of Edinburgh
Rob Knight CTO Cloud SUSE
Samathy Barratt Backend Engineer Prolific
Samuel Van Stroud Student UCL
Sonya Moisset Founder Epic Women in Cyber
Tom McClure Manager, Sales Development SNYK
Toni Scullion Founder and Teacher DressCode, St.Kentigern’s Academy
Zainab Abubakar Software Developer Interswitch

Open Data

Abd Alsattar Ardati Phd Student St Andrews University
Alex Goodall Student, LCC Decolonising Wikipedia Network founder University of the Arts London
Ashleigh Monagle Digital Advisory – Innovation Consulting Lead Mott MacDonald and OpenUK Chief Digital Inclusion Officer
Claire Rampen Co-Founder Reath
Deborah Yates Programme Lead – Data Assurance Open Data Institute
Emma Carroll Account Manager OnGen Ltd
Gea Mikic Co-Founder IcebreakerOne
Jack Hardinges Programme Lead Open Data Institute
Jack Kelly Co Founder Open Climate Fix
Josh D’Addario Senior Consultant Open Data Institute
Orsola De Marco Head of Product and Innovation Open Data Institute
Vichi Chandra Community Development IcebreakerOne

Open Hardware

Alex Bradbury Founder Low Risc CIC
Cerys Lock IT Support Technician Entrust Support Services
Hannah Joshua Maker Hannah Makes
Hannah Ravensloft Logic Synthesis Engineer Project Mistral
Lewis Revill Software Engineer Embecosm
Myrtle “Gatecat” Shah Director Griffith Research Ltd
Rachel Wong Maker and Postdoctoral researcher Konichiwakitty


Michael Thonger Solicitor Arup
Robert Grannells Associate Legal Counsel Google and Chief Future Leader OpenUK Google and OpenUK Chief Future Leader

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