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OpenUK Awards, Third Edition 2022

Recognising UK Leadership in Open Technology

Awards Event 11 November 2021, Sponsored by Bristows

Thanks to Bristows for sponsoring our Awards for a second year

OpenUK Awards Shortlist 2021


Pride at SUSE – Rob Knight

Red Hat B.U.I.L.D UK&I – Ally Koua

Endless Compute



Open Knowledge Foundation

Viæ Regiæ project

Code the City



Lime Macro


DevTank, HILTOP – Tim Telford



Starling Bank



Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health – Alex Brown

The Herald Proximity Project

Open Health Hub



The Turing Way

Icebreaker One

DevTank, Open Smart Monitor – Tim Telford



Catherine Stihler

Kevin Mayfield

Cheryl Hung


Young Person:

Lowena Hull

Samuel Van Stroud

Paul Ogbonoko Owoicho

Awards Categories

Hardware – sponsored by The Stack
Software – sponsored by GitLab
Financial Services – sponsored by FINOS
Sustainability – sponsored by Centre for Net Zero
Belonging Network – sponsored by Osmii
Young Person (under 25) – sponsored by JetStack
Individual – sponsored by Open Source Connections

Awards Timetable

7 May 2021: Nominations opened
27 June 2021: Nominations closed at 11.59pm

28 July 2021: Short list published
11th November: Awards presentation. All short listed nominees will be invited.

With special thanks to our Media partner at The Stack

Nominations are now closed

Nominations could be submitted until 11.59pm on 27 June 2021 and all nominations are subject to confirmation of acceptance of the nomination by the nominated individual, project or company and compliance with our awards requirements and terms and conditions.

Nomination advice

Please read carefully before submitting nominations
  • Nominations in more than one category are welcome.
  • Self nominations are welcome and encouraged.
  • Please confirm that either:
    • the individual nominated has been resident in the UK for the 12 months prior to 5 May 2021; or
    • significant contributors to any project nominated have been resident in the UK for the 12 months prior to 5 May 2021:
    • or any company nominated is or has a subsidiary company registered in the UK.
  • When nominating for the category of Young Person please confirm that the individual nominated meets the age requirements.

All nominations must be UK resident for the previous 12 months either as individuals or significant individuals within the project, organisation or in the case of a business registered in the UK as above.

Awards Ceremony

COP26 – Hermes Skypark Fringe and Digitally,

11 November, 6-8pm

Winners of Awards 2020, First edition

Young Person • Josh Lowe
Individual • Liz Rice
Financial Services and Fintech in Open Source • Parity
Open Data • National Library of Wales
Open Hardware • LowRISK
Open Source Software • HospitalRun

Visit the Awards 2020, First edition page


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