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Alison Dowdney

Head of Student Outreach, OpenUK

Alison Dowdney is Global Senior Developer Relations at Kasten by Veeam. As a core contributor of the Kubernetes Project, and co-chair of Kubernetes SIG Contributor Experience, she brings to Kasten 5+ years of experience in software-defined storage, DevOps and cloud native technologies. Alison began her career at NYRIAD, a New Zealand-based software defined storage startup, where she worked on a range of problems spanning developer tooling, IT and cloud native. Following NYRIAD, she worked at Weaveworks, helping companies achieve success with Kubernetes and GitOps, and improving the contributor experience with the CNCF project, Flux. Alison studied computer and mathematical sciences at The University of Waikato, and in her free time, enjoys playing beatmania IIDX and Dance Dance

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