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Andre Maia Chagas

Research Bioengineer, University of Sussex & Co-organizer, Open Hardware Makers

I’m passionate about open science and open source hardware, and how those two can be used to increase research and education reach around the world.

I have a background in Neurosciences and have been developing affordable open science hardware and teaching others to do so via workshops, talks and outreach events.

I started Open Neuroscience, and volunteer at Trend in Africa as an open source adviser and by organizing and running Open Labware workshops.

Currently I work at the Department of Neurosciences in the University of Sussex, where I develop equipment to support research labs. For more details on those projects check the Open Sussex Neuroscience page

On my spare time I offer consultancy services around open science hardware through Prometheus Science. If you need support replicating an open design or if you’d like something custom built for you, get in touch!

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