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Cristian Parrino

Chief Sustainability Officer

Cristian is a tech turned social entrepreneur and sustainability advisor, focussed on the interconnection between social, environmental and economic issues and on the systemic change and coalitions required to address these.

He is OpenUK’s Chief Sustainability Officer, where he leads on the open technology for sustainability strategy and on creating the collective equity and metrics required to enable the Sustainable Development Goals. This included the launch of the Patchwork Kilt at COP26, a carbon negative data centre blueprint using open technology.

Cristian is also a board trustee at InterClimate Trust, where he co-leads as secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Climate Action, and at Earthwatch Europe, an environmental charity with expertise in citizen science. Cristian is also the Interim Chief Executive Officer for the Azaylia Foundation, created to support UK-based children fighting cancer by helping them access treatment not readily available from the NHS, while at the same time working with cancer research and medical institutions to accelerate the availability of new treatments in the UK.

Previously, Cristian was the Co-Founder and CEO of sustainable behaviour tech startup Greengame, he also led environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy’s behavioural research and innovation program, and open technology Canonical’s mobile and online services units.

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