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Cristian Parrino

CEO, The Azaylia Foundation

Cristian is a social entrepreneur and systems change expert in the sustainability, healthcare and social justice sectors.

He is currently the CEO of The Azaylia Foundation, a grant-giving and advocacy childhood cancer charity, and a trustee at Earthwatch Europe, a biodiversity restoration and research charity.

Previously, Cristian served as OpenUK’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, leading the development of the blueprint for carbon negative data centres which was launched at COP26. As a trustee at Interclimate Network, a youth climate education charity, he co-led the Youth Action Against Climate Change APPG as secretariat.

Cristian spent multiple decades as a tech entrepreneur and executive. He was the CEO and Co-founder of Greengame, an AI-driven sustainable behaviour change startup. Prior to that, he led the Mobile and Online Services businesses at open software company Canonical, where he launched the record-breaking Ubuntu Phone and the popular Ubuntu One personal cloud service. Cristian originally moved to the UK in 2003 to advise BT’s innovation centre and support the tech startups emerging from its incubator, and previously lived and worked in the United States, Argentina and Italy.


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