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Dr Jennifer Barth

Chief Research Officer, OpenUK and Founder, Symmetry

Dr Jennifer Barth is Chief Research Director at Symmetry (formerly Smoothmedia). Dr Jennifer Barth has more than 15 years of experience leading independent research on the intersections of emerging technologies and socioeconomic change. She provides companies with independent thought leadership and media engagement opportunities on global issues impacting and shaping our current and future socio-cultural lives.

Her work spans the digital through to social and economic change. Currently she is looking at sustainability, workforce skills and organizational competitiveness strategies through and beyond the pandemic with Microsoft and researching the role of open source software and its potential to fuel sustainable growth with OpenUK. She has experience working on the human impact of artificial intelligence (AI) through fieldwork experiments with IBM Watson and other providers, leading Digital Transformation research for Microsoft, Reinventing Loyalty with Adobe, and developing the Science of Common Ground for Heineken’s award-winning Open your World campaign. She is skilled at research design, qualitative research and analysis, quantitative analysis, new methods using emerging technologies and working with people to bring to life the stories behind numbers.

Dr Barth earned her DPhil in Geography from the University of Oxford.

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