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Fundraising Manager


Fund Raising Manager For OpenUK – Part time

Location: Remote, resident anywhere in the UK

Salary: Pro Bono

Why OpenUK

OpenUK is the UK’s industry organisation and advocacy body for Open Technology being open source software, open hardware and open data, across the UK.

As an industry organisation, OpenUK gives its Participants greater influence than they could ever achieve alone. OpenUK is committed to supporting collaboration between businesses, public sector organisations, government and communities to expand the opportunities available to all around Open Technology.

Based on its 3 Pillars: Community; Legal and Policy; and Learning, it is building a visible and vocal community across Open Technology, influencing the UK’s laws and policies to make the UK a great place for Open and promoting learning in Open Technology across the UK. As a UK organisation OpenUK is not inward focused and collaborates globally and participate in many international projects and organisations.

OpenUK is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, company number 11209475

About The Role

Reporting to the CEO with an indirect report to the Chief BD Officer, you will be managing the foundational and grant aspects of our fund raising campaigns and as part of the management team, supporting the Leadership team through the organisation’s most exciting scale-up phase, managing a developing NGO, effectively a bootstrapping start-up. This will involve team activities with the Leadership Team and various Group and Work Stream leads as well as working to organisational goals.

This individual will build an understanding of our activities, establish grant opportunities, manage and write applications and be the lead on our successful grant and public sector based fund raising.

Skills and Attributes

  • Experience of researching grant, foundational and public sector funding
  • Ability to understand organisational activities across, community building, legal and policy and learning and to associate these with appropriate opportunities and assess their applicability and availability
  • Administration skills to build and manage an application calendar and schedule, working with a project manager on delivery
  • Experience in applications for grant and public sector funding
  • Strong writing skills and drive to lead the applications working closely with the CEO
  • Experience in managing the application process and delivering successful applications
  • Some understanding of technology sector
  • Some experience of NGO funding

Join a warm and welcoming group and commit 2-4 hours per week, timed to suit the successful candidate’s availability. 

For more information about the role or to apply contact

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