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Lowena Hull

Creative Director - OpenUK Kids Camp

Lowena is a second year Physical Natural Sciences student at the University of Cambridge and finalist for the Undergraduate of the Year award. Alongside her studies, she is the creative director of OpenUK leading the creation of the second annual Kid’s Camp of 10 lessons, each focusing on a different point of the open source definition.

Lowena has been involved in technology for the last five years, often volunteering in her local community. Through 2020, she volunteered with the Essex Steamettes to help run online meeting teaching programming workshops, giving and organising talks from women in STEM careers. She has spoken at numerous events such as the World Summit for AI in Amsterdam and CogX in London and is looking forward to speaking about the Kid’s Camp at COP26 in November. During the summer, Lowena had an internship at Rolls-Royce in the R2 Data Labs working with artificial intelligence to create solutions to problems arising in the manufacture of jet engines and is interested in the application of AI within various sectors.


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