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Nadia Jiang

COO, SegmentFault

Nadia Jiang is an entrepreneur, open-source enthusiast, and DevRel expert. Currently serving as the COO of SegmentFault, China’s largest developer Q&A community, and co-founder of Answer, an open-source Q&A platform software. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Nadia is a dedicated contributor to open-source organizations, including the China Computer Federation (CCF), China Institute of Communications (CIC), and KAIYUANSHE. She plays an instrumental role in organizing and volunteering for various open-source events, such as ApacheCon Asia, OpenInfra Days China, etc. Nadia is also the co-founder and conference chair of OSPO Summit and Dev.Together China Summit.

Twitter: NadiaJiang (@jiangbonadia) / Twitter

LinkedIn: Nadia Jiang | LinkedIn

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