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Sonya Moisset

Senior Security Advocate, Snyk

Sonya is a Senior Security Advocate and a lifelong traveler who lived in the Middle-East, North Africa and Asia. Always looking for new challenges – she made a career change from International Business Consultant in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore to Full Stack Software Engineer in South Korea to Cybersecurity in the United Kingdom.

She’s passionate about Open Source, DevSecops and Cloud Computing. She’s the founder of Epic Women in Cyber and Epic Women in Tech, two initiatives to showcase women in the tech and cyber industries. She is an ambassador for Girlcode, a GitHub Star and a Lead mentor at CAPSLOCK and CyberGirls.

Sonya is a DevSecOps/Cloud Security Advocate and a public speaker in the world tech scene. She is also a mentor for women in tech, a cybersecurity writer for FreeCodeCamp publications and an active member of the tech community in the UK.

Her motto is #GetSecure, #BeSecure & #StaySecure.

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