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Yamini Holla

Lead Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group

I’m Yamini, a seasoned software engineer hailing from the UK. My career revolves around empowering diverse organizations by harnessing the power of cloud technologies to elevate their engineering and customer experiences. My specialization lies in the Google Cloud Platform, where I excel in areas such as facilitating cloud adoption, driving application modernization, orchestrating digital transformations, managing cloud migrations, implementing SRE and DevOps practices, optimizing FinOps, and crafting resilient architectures.

I’m a fervent advocate for diversity and inclusion within the tech community, and I’m passionate about embracing innovative technologies, championing open-source software, and adhering to industry best practices. During my leisure time, I find fulfilment in contributing to Women Tech Makers, focusing particularly on data and AI initiatives, as I believe in the immense potential and impact of women in these fields.

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