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OpenUK’s State of Open:
The UK in 2023 Photo Exhibition sponsored by Arm
Photographs by Tiana Lea

Sami Atabani

Senior IP & Technology Licensing Consultant, Atabani Consulting Limited

Sami Atabani is an IP and Technology licensing expert with extensive experience in closed and open source licensing matters. He started his career as CPU design engineer at Arm before transitioning into the IP licensing team driving Arm’s technology licensing in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China in the early two thousands. He was then appointed as the Director of Third Party IP to lead a team of licensing experts established an inbound IP licensing strategy for Arm including open source licence compliance. He has successfully delivered Arm’s conformance with OpenChain ISO standard in 2019. He is a founding member of the OpenChain project and OpenUK Legal and Policy team. He now acts as an IP Consultant advising companies on commercial and open source IP licensing matters.

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