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OpenUK Awards

OpenUK’s Awards and Honours Lists are part of a UK focused open tech recognition programme that spans software, hardware, data, and AI and spans the intersection of technology and business.

In their 5th year they have become the  “Oscars of open source”  will include a black tie gala dinner and awards ceremony at the House of Lords, sponsored by Lord Wei, on 28 November 2024.  This free to attend event will have see all shortlisted nominees given one invite.

Nominations for the 12 categories of awards will go live late June.

For 2024 our Judges are Hannah Foxwell (Chief Judge), Jonathan Riddell and Tandy Nicole.

2024, Fifth Edition

Awards 2024

2023, Fourth Edition

Awards 2023View the photo gallery

2022, Third Edition

Awards 2022 View the photo gallery


2021, Second Edition

Awards 2021 View the photo gallery

2020, First Edition

Awards 2020

Award Winners 2023

Software • SeaQL
Hardware • ChipFlow
Data • 360Giving
Security • Sigstore
Sustainability • OpenSmartMonitor
Startup • QuestDB
Finance • NatWest
Law and Policy • Andrew Katz
Belonging • Open Data Scotland
Young Person • Kunal Kushwaha
Individual • Dawn Foster
AI •  AutoGPT by Significant Gravitas

Awards 2023, Fourth edition

Award Winners 2022

Belonging • The Turing Way
Software • BBC Research & Development
Data • Libraries Hacked
Sustainability • Szymon Duchniewicz
Hardware • LowRISC
Individual • Anais Urlichs
Finance • Waltz
Young person • Jack Gilmore
Security • Liz Rice

Awards 2022, Third edition

Award Winners 2021

Belonging • Endless Compute, Robert McQueen
Software • The Herald Proximity Project
Data • Open Knowledge Foundation
Sustainability • Icebreaker One
Hardware • DevTank HILTOP
Individual • Kevin Mayfield
Finance • Wise
Young person (under 25) • Samuel Van Stroud

Awards 2021, Second edition

Award Winners 2020

Young Person • Josh Lowe
Individual • Liz Rice
Financial Services and Fintech in Open Source • Parity
Open Data • National Library of Wales
Open Hardware • LowRISK
Open Source Software • HospitalRun

Awards 2020, First edition
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