The Free and Open Source software industry is now a critical supplier to your business; there are no proprietary alternatives.

We are a membership organisation with the purpose of supporting professional Open Technology specialists and providing a bridge between the technical and the business worlds.

The Open Technology marketplace consists of professional Free/Libre and Open Source software and hardware specialists and service providers who provide practical solutions and advice.

Our members benefit from working together and from using our organisation as a platform to communicate with public and private sectors.

If you are a company working with Open Source principles, OpenUK can provide business development opportunities, peer support and networking, and other affiliate benefits.

If you are a business or individual already using or wanting to find out more about our industry, please review our member list or get in touch with OpenUK.

A note from the chairman: The Open Source Consortium is transitioning to the new brand “OpenUK” as this more closely represents the purpose of the organisation. Please bear with us whilst we make the changes to our brand and website during 2017.